Playing Scratch Games Online

Scratch card gaming, casino game or not casino game? This lottery feature, though loved and played by the masses that are not online, are available online but not every casino has them. The option of the scratch game does indeed provide the goods to light up the eyes of players. You can claim wins up to R15,000,000!!! So, now this has your attention, where can you find the online game and its big rewards?


If you want the online scratch cards big win, then you need the casinos that are able to provide them. We recommend that players in South Africa use the help of this site to pick your casino. South Africa is a smaller marketplace than say Europe and although South Africa has many casinos, finding those with scratch card games will take loads of time. They are not categorized like slots or table games, instead, they are often found within specialty games or ‘other’ games. These options not only provide you with the best selection of scratch card games, but they are also legal operators within official gambling licenses and are tested to be fair.

The access of these games is made possible via any device including your mobile, with a casino fitted nicely into your pocket you have the convenience of play already to hand, literally! So, why walk to a store to buy a card, when every game you need is a simple tap away. Plus, there is one other main benefit about playing online which we will come to in our last section of real cards vs virtual scratch cards.

Casinos Provide the Biggest Scratch Card Options

The most diverse casino game is the online slot machine, there is no doubt about this. It’s in its thousands, next is the scratch card game and this is in its hundreds. This should help put into context just how vast the gaming selection can be. There are games like Rocky™ scratch cards or games like Deal or No Deal™ scratch cards. Then you have a vast range of themes like fairy-tale scratch cards, farm animals, sci-fi, horror and so on. Then you have 3D animated cards and your designs based on more traditional versions.

The gaming is also mixed online, you can play scratch cards that give you one chance of winning a prize, then you have games that offer up to three chances in one. Such a simple game can offer so much, and you will have the very best of them should you wish to seek them out by the provided link above.

If at this stage, you are thinking, well how do you even play them? Well, scratch card games are the most basic form of gameplay ever invented, that once you have played one game online, you will know how to play all others.

The scratch card game is won by matching 3 symbols within the game. These symbols are hidden behind the blank panel or panels of the game. To reveal the winning or losing outcome, you simply click or tap the play button and the panel or panels will be removed to show the symbols of the game. Yes, that is all. You, of course, set the amount you wish to bet first, but that is all you do, pay, scratch and win. A typical game lasts 5 seconds, you can fit loads within a minute and hundreds within an hour.

To get the big win, you need to bet higher. The jackpot and other prize totals are relative to the amount you pay in, so bear this in mind when playing, just check the limits you can wager to see what can be won from your bankroll.


Real Cards vs. Virtual Scratch Cards

So, is there an overall winner when it comes to the option of playing online against playing ‘real’ scratch cards? Well, yes there is, and this is not some bias decision because you happened to be reading an online article about an online game. The fact is, that online scratch card games are better and fairer.

When you buy a ‘real’ scratch card do you know if they jackpot has already been won?

The answer is no, otherwise, why buy it. Cards remain in circulation till they are all sold, is this fair? Well, how about the process of online slots? if a jackpot online is won by a player, this is replaced with another to win. There is a clear difference, as with all prize levels, a player using an online version of a scratch card game will always pay to play and get the opportunity to win any of the prize amounts. This simply doesn’t happen with scratch cards out in the real world.

Take our advice, sign up, log in, click and play. Far more easier and rewarding in every respect.